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Bank History

Since the time cotton was "king" and horses were the mode of transportation, the First National Bank of Hico has been offering full service banking to local businesses, farmers, ranchers, and dairymen.  Established in 1890, the First National Bank of Hico is the oldest banking institution in Hamilton County.


On May 23, 1890, there came into existence a business establishment that has been one of the biggest factors in the steady and substantial growth of the city of Hico.  The First National Bank of Hico was originally established due to the rapid development of the agricultural resources of Texas and a pressing demand throughout the state for banking facilities.  The selection of a point for investment in the banking business was exercised with special care by founders:  R. A. Dorsey and J. S. Moss, Jr. 

The location of Hico was selected for reasons such as:

*  Hico was surrounded by a rich farming district and was accessible to splendid stock
*  The Hico territory had no banking facilities  
*  The products of farm and ranch marketed at Hico attained such dimensions that the 
    facilities offered by a good bank would be appreciated.  Cotton, wheat, oats, corn,
    cattle, and wool were all handled here.  At that time Hico markets produced five
    hundred thousand pounds of wool and over 8000 bales of cotton.  It was believed
    that the business of the town would be largely increased because of the bank. 
*  Hico was centrally and accessibly located being on the Texas Central Railroad and
    the shipping point for a large territory both north and south.


R. Y. Cox was the first President of the bank.  Followed by G. M. Carlton, R. A. Dorsey, E. H. Randals, C. L. Woodward, Odis Petsick, Lorraine Petsick, Floyd Clifton, and Dianne Stone. First National Bank of Hico is the only home-owned and operated bank in Hamilton County.   


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